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SimuDrone – Drone Simulator for DJI pilots

This is a virtual flight simulator to be played by Virtual Joysticks or DJI Remote Controller for DJI Users.
Don’t be afraid to fly, SimuDrone aims simulation for riding drone without crash fear.
Learn how to fly before flying.
Improve your muscle memory.
Have fun playing.


3D Space Fighter

Advanced 3D Mobile Space Fighter shooting game in which you can take control of your jet fighter and take down asteroids, alliance and the enemy forces. Your task is to destroy as much asteroids, allian and enemies as you can. Move right and left to avoid from asteroids, alliance and enemies.
Fast paced arcade style gameplay gets you into the action fast! Control your ship with an on screen control stick and use your device’s tilt control.
If you enjoy the old school vertical space-shooters and if you are a fan of these old school games you are going to love 3D space fighter.
Press fire button to fire and press boost button to accelerate your ship.
The more enemies you destroy the more coins you can collect! There is bonus waiting for you on level complete.
Full 3D Space Combat!
We hope you will enjoy this space adventure game, so jump into you cockpit and start flying through space.


Flip Flop Reflex Tester

FlipFlop is a reflex test game that you can measure your reflex. You can share your score and see your friends scores on Play Game Services.
Discover your level of ability.
Upgrade your skills.
Have fun and show how fast you are.
Speed up your brain now!


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